Destination Forsvik

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Welcome to Forsvik at Gota Canal, which is one of the most interesting old industry environments. Forsvik is Undenäs parish in Karlsborg Municipality. Forsvik offers many of the experiences of industrial history with many activated. If you appreciate beautiful and different environments where you will be pleased with your visit here.


Forsviks Bruk

Welcome to Forsvik and one of the most interesting old industry environments. Forsviks Bruk offers many experiences of industrial history and industrial heritage of society. 2010 will be an anniversary year! For 600 years ago, on 19 October 1410, Cecilia Jonsdotter Roos donated Forsviks Mill to Vadstena Abbey. This year we are celebrating with exhibitions, lectures, theater and events

Forsvik days
Days over the weekend on 3-5 July, Forsvik days will be organizeddays with forge, foundry, shipyard and mill as well as exhibitions and markets.
Historiska fordon
- On Forsviks Bruk is an old truck, a Chevrolet HS 157 of 1934 renovated. A real gem!
- This summer also displayed an exhibition of fine historic motorcycles
- On August 28 there will be a historic ralley car meeting (pdf) and market in Forsvik

- The old Industrial railway railway between Forsviks Bruk and the Gota Canal, built 1886, is rebuilt to run tourists between the canal and Forsviks Bruk.

Music in Forsvik

For eight Mondays in the summer you will be offered a lovely and varied music in Forsvik. The place is in the Foundry and the time is at 19.00. Tickets and reservations: 0505-412 00

Theater in Forsvik

"Sweden's History - A thousand years in 100 minutes" is called this year's theater that will be played in the Foundry at Forsviks Mill on 6 - July 17, 2010

Forsviks Shipyard / Ships "taking care" center

Forsviks Shipyard looking forward to an eventful 2010th The shipyard's next task is to renovate an old longboat from an old warship on behalf of the Swedish Maritime Museum

Paddlesteamer Eric Nordevall II

The paddle steamer is a replica of the original, which sank in lake Vättern 1856. It is built on Forsvik shipyard and was launched in June 2009. Teh steamer will be completid this year and will be test run in the summer, after which th premier tour will go through the Gota Canal to Stockholm in August. Welcome to Forsvik Shipyard!

Steam launch tours

The FORSVIK steam launch from 1867 (known as BALTZAR in the movie "Gota Kanal 3 ') runs tours to passengers this year. Steam launch tours can be booked by phone 0505-41250. Welcome to Forsvik Shipyard!

Steam experiment
Steam technical experince for small and large children are new this year. Visit Bookings, info, etc. phone 0505-41250. Welcome to Forsvik SAhipyard!
Gota Canal first and highest lock with Sweden's first bridge in iron cast
Gota Canal opens in 3/5 and closes on 26/9. During the period from June 7 to August 19 is the lock open daily. - In Forsvik is the channel's oldest and highest lock which is a popular destination.
- This year we celebrate that it is 200 years since the canal was started in Forsvik
- A unique Drawbridge in Forsvik. It was produced already in 1813 and is Sweden's first iron cast bridge.

The bridge was in use until in 1957.

- At Forsvik hostel, which is a restored working home for Forsviks Bruk has 33 beds in 12 rooms.
- At "Sköna Rum" In Forsvik is homely accomodations available
- "Lilla Kanalhuset" also rents nice rooms

-Three nice cottages are also available to rent in Forsvik

- In Forsviks Café & Mat at the lock, you can both eat and have coffee in summer

- At Cafe ADA at Forsviks Bruk, you can also hav coffe.

- I Channel Store 5knop it can be nice bargain souvenirs.
- In B2Ånga are steam launch, steam engines and boilers produced
- Next to the lock is also available a Lock kiosk